What does Samsonido offer?

  Project financing
  Artist coaching
  Marketing (for labels, music productions, events)
  Mediating of contacts to finance investors
Analyzing and optimizing an artist’s everyday life
  Music puplishing

The creed of Samsonido: artists should enjoy the luxury to entirely focus on their passion to music. This means not to permanently keep in mind earning money. It is our job to optimize the finances in a way that the music has a chance to be profitable. Or in the words of a slogan of an international major bank: Live, we take care of the details!

Samsonido’s approach for this detailed work is to establish an order within the operational workflow using an adequate strategy. The mere realization of customer demands is not enough: if requested Samsonido also works creatively, worries about special situations and forms a powerful team by systematic outsourcing. New ideas for the routine business can vitalize. We are basically open-minded, constantly seize suggestions - also from different branches. We think outside the box to generate additional or higher profits to attract more public attention.

In short Samsonido determines the potential for optimization and analyzes soberly and clearly the respective situation, gives objective advice and knows the meaning of the word “No”. However Samsonido is more than a consultant: Samsonido is a spin doctor team, an active idea generator. And the wheel must not be reinvented. Sometimes even small changes in the running engine are enough to achieve a completely new result with even more output. Success rises and falls with a constant and precise analysis of the actual state.

Enough with the theory: What is the concrete, practical artistic use? Sometimes the agency of contacts to financial investors or the investment of own money is the focal point, sometimes additional active and operative commitment is required. In doing so Samsonido optimizes the internal working processes und pays attention to more efficient workflow.

The coaching of artists is also part of our duties: self promotion often misses out or is far from making the most of the facets available. To be constantly in the public and the fan’s eye is directly linked to artistic and financial success. Aside from personal coaching the general marketing of labels, music productions or events is also part Samsonido’s job.